Unnur Arndísardóttir Composer, Singer and Sorceress
Reynir Katrínarson Poet, Artist, Shaman and Healer




Music and poems for the Icelandic Goddesses
– The Goddesses of Iceland as spoken of in Snorri´s Edda ( the old Viking Sagas written around 1200, and still readable by Icelanders), finally get another chance to shine. Over the centuries they have been forgotten. Like so many women and goddesses in mythology of the world.
Seidlaeti, want to give each and every Goddess a new poem, a new voice in our modern world. They are 16 these maidens and are protected and guided by the mother of all „Frigg“.  Each of them has a song. And from lying in silence for all these years, could we possibly imagine the sound of them?
Seidlaeti – is a duo from Iceland. They have over the last 9 years worked together, writing poems and music for these powerful Viking Women.
Reynir wrote poems about the Icelandic Goddesses from the Norse Mythology.
Unnur has written music to his poems.
Their every performance is a ceremony to give the goddesses of the past way to heal the earth and her peoples. Their music is very traditional Icelandic, and they try to use natural instruments like stones, bones, drums but mostly the voice.
They have done their ceremonies in England, USA and all over Iceland. Every performance/ceremony is different. They sometimes include different people and instruments. For example did they arrange some of this music for a man´s choir. And did a performance in April 2008 with an Icelandic man´s choir called “Fjallabraedur” (“Brothers of the mountain” translated from Icelandic)
Now Seiðlæti are looking for ways to record their music and spread this magical ceremony to the world.
Unnur Arndisardottir, or Uni  studied composition in Santa Fe, NM in the USA. She has studied classical singing and voice from a very young age. She has also studied Sound Healing from Marjorie de Muynck in New Mexico. Marjorie was a leader of new ways of healing the body with sound.
Reynir Katrinarson works as a massage therapist, healer, composer, poet and artist. He has studied art and therapy for many years. He is one of the few Shamans in Iceland.