Simple Self-Inspiration

Simple Self-Inspiration

-an easy way to inspire yourself daily.


Full Moon Free Webinar for Women

March 9, 2020

17:00 CET, 11:00 EST, 16:00 GMT


Do you sometimes feel unmotivated and exhausted?

Are there days when you feel like you are dragging yourself through the day?

Are you longing for new ways to be inspired in your daily practice?

What if feeling inspired could be made easy?


Inspiration is a personal & adventurous path towards empowerment. Your authentic treasure kit of inspirations can actually be simple to create. It is easy to start!


Wanna know how? Join Jyoti & Uni in this free one-hour webinar to find out! You will walk away with practical steps to re-energize and inspire yourself on a daily basis.


When: March 9, 2020 at 17:00 CET, 11:00 EST


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Uni Arndisar is a Völva, Musician and Healer from Iceland. Uni creates and leads Icelandic Goddess Ceremonies where she connects with the Divine feminine and Mother Earth. Teaching about the Divine feminine through chanting, Meditation and Ceremonies.
Uni has walked her spiritual path, following the wisdom of her ancestors and the inspiration of the vibrant fairy world, living within the beautiful Nature Temple of Iceland. With a passion for spirit and healing in heart she has travelled the world and learned from different paths and traditions. Amongst others the Native American tradition in New Mexico, the Avalon Priestess training in Glastonbury and the path of Yoga and Meditation.
In Iceland, Uni has retrieved ancient wisdom from the Norse Mythology, through her close collaboration with shaman Reynir Katrinar. Together they do sacred ceremonies, performing as the duo Seiðlæti, to invoke the Goddesses through music and poems. As a musician and sound healer, Uni releases her own music and creates songs that bring the Icelandic Goddess to the world.


Jyoti Sharma is a certified life & leadership coach, a former Human Resources professional, an entrepreneur, mother to a 11-year old boy, wife, daughter, sister and a compassionate confidante for women around the world.
Over the last five years, Jyoti has coached and inspired clarity and confidence in women from various walks of life helping them awaken to their magnificence. Most recently, she and her family made the courageous decision to leave the comforts of their life in the west and move to their motherland, India after 25 years. Jyoti now partners with her husband to create results-oriented and holistic programs focused on mindful leaderhship, diversity & inclusion enablement, and developing women leaders.
With the intent of using her knowledge and wisdom to empower women in India, Jyoti also founded Devi Women’s Collective – an initiative to unlock the collective power of diversity and empower under-privileged women through entertaining events that promote Indian arts and culture. Her vision is a world where women from diverse socio-economic backgrounds, countries, race, color and sexual preferences collaborate to create unique income opportunities for each other.
Jyoti believes “the universe is on my side…always, all the time.” She strives to act on this belief every single day!
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